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Forget all you know about kitchens - seriously!! Our product options and choices will blow you away. We have worked with many developers, trade customers, builders and architects and the feedback we get is astounding.

  • -Firstly the cost, you can have a top quality kitchen (or kitchens) for the same price as a Howdens/Benchmark/Magnet Trade kitchen but with infanately more options and flexability.
  • -Two, we take the hastle out of the design process for you by meeting with your customer directly and designing thier kitchen. We are thier point of contact for the kitchen not you, allowing you to work and make money
  • -If your a developer with multiple kitchens we don't just do supply only...we are too passionate about our kitchens for that. We will meet with your fitters and talk through the design on site and be on call for help and advice while fitting
  • -Up your game! Offer your customers a better product, more choice and our personal service with access to our showroom facilities
  • -Send your customers to us and we will look after them and you.Once you introduce your customer to us you can forget about the kitchen untill install day.

  • Trade-Developers-builders

    We know how busy you are and how change can be entering the unknown but a simple meeting in our showroom to demonstrate our superior products for the same price your paying now is the first step in forging a long partnership. Unlike the "sheds" we truely value your business.Plus, your supporting a local business.